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First 2011 Post

Posted on 2011.01.16 at 19:40
feel so: creativecreative
voice inside my head: Enjoy The Silence-Anberlin
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Tis a new year and I'm feeling good about Uni.
Admittedly the essay and all the work for the assesment that I had to hand in last week hung over my head over Christmas, but Monday was the biggest relief handing it all in.
The new project we have is a group project where we have to put together a puppet show, and I am so excited for it. Our group is already really organised and jazzed up to do it all so I'll be posting stuff on that in the coming weeks. It feels good to be organized for once, I have to keep motivated with work this year, and by the looks of the projects coming up this semester it shouldn't be too hard.

Also have to start looking for a house for next year, really looking forward to that, no more long commute and the freedom of sharing a house with friends, if all goes to plan it should be pretty sweet. So yeah uni's good. I like enjoying being in education, makes a change from the hate I had for high school.

Do wish the Christmas holidays didn't go so quick though, didn't really feel that festive and they really flew by, everyone's gone back to uni and I feel I only saw them all once or twice. Easter should be better, plus it will be my birthday then , so obviously party time, and just booked my tickets to see Sugarcult play around then, so looking forward to see them for the first time in six years!

Did finally get my pheonix tattoo. Caroline, Sinead and I all went together to get inked last week. Mines finally stopped itching and once it's nicely healed up there shall be a photo of that also.

And it's like under a month until My Chem at Wembley. That's gonna go bloody quick but cannot wait.
Won't talk about paramore though, love them still but just don't see it ever being the same.
Yeah.. way to end on a high note.

live hayley

Three bands in one month

Posted on 2010.11.12 at 22:30
feel so: cheerfulcheerful
voice inside my head: Just The Way You Are-Bruno Mars
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Well My  Chem was something epic. Felt so surreal to be seeing them, but felt like I was home again. I couldn't stop grinning while I was watching them. Hell some people were full on sobbing from just seeing them again live, after such a long time and I think after such a long time of thinking they may not ever come back.
But they came back with a vengence and it was beautiful.

Sum41: God that band is just fun live aswell as still being in top form. I forgot how well Deryck could sing, and Cone will always be the reason I picked up a bass guitar. Such a good bassist. Got very beat up in the mosh pit. Nothing makes you realise how short you really are than being in the middle of a mosh made up of 6ft burly men. Felt like crap after the gig, but it was worth it. And Laura got me my first setlist ever, cause she owns.
And they covered 'Paint It Black' one of my favourite songs. Brilliantly completed with 'Pain for Pleasure' as Sum41 tradition.

And so tomorrow I see Paramore, that little band I've lovingly watched grow to the selling-out arena rock band that they are today.
So excited for it, gonna be an adventure getting there though. Gonna be taking the boat!

And the best thing about seeing my three favourite bands all within a month? It means some of my best friends have an excuse to come back to London and I couldn't think of better way to meet up with them.
By being part of the music we all love.

Look AliveCollapse )
Look AliveCollapse )

made it

Told You To Be Patient

Posted on 2010.10.21 at 20:45
feel so: coldcold
voice inside my head: Na Na Na-My Chemical Romance
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I am so not going to get around to doing my reading for the lecture tomorrow.
Though to be fair I will probably spend most of my time thinking  'OMG MCR TOMORROW!' or 'STOP checking him out.' and won't pay much attention to the lecture after half an hour...
Everyday at Uni I swear. It is not a good sign.

Also why is is so cold?I'm wearing a hat in doors, and have been since I got home.
Laura, you are going freeze tomorrow outside the Apollo. I will have to bring a hair dryer to defrost you.
But in 2 days I'm going to be back at my music home. For the first time in three years.


Writer's Block: Game dream believer

Posted on 2010.02.01 at 20:02
feel so: distresseddistressed
voice inside my head: Teenagers-My Chemical Romance
If you could wake up and spend 24 hours in an online game with any weapons/powers, would you do it? If so, what type of game would you choose, and why?

Yes. On Fable 2. God I could go for playing that game right now..
Life is so much simpler when you can cast a magic spell or kill something with your all powerful sword.
If only I coul do that to have a good portfolio, or just go straight into uni..

live hayley

It's Not A Dream Any More

Posted on 2009.12.17 at 18:56
far from here: back room
feel so: exhaustedexhausted
voice inside my head: Sex On Fire-Kings of Leon
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This time tomorrow I shall be getting ready to get inside a hopefully warm Wembley Areana after freezing the whole day, but I think it will be worth it. Last time I was at Wembley My Chem gave the most amazing show and now I get to see Paramore do the same. But my God, I still cannot believe little Paramore are selling out these massive arenas, they deserve it so much but I do miss them being that hidden gem of a band.
So cannot wait for tomorrow but I know this weeked will kill me, I was out yesterday with Joe and Sinead (Smither Sister reunion!), Hannah and I went Christmas shopping today, tomorrow is Paramore, Saturday is work and the Christmas Gathering, and I'm so excitied to see everyone and then Sunday I have to get to Battersea at 12 for an Art Crew movie day. Monday I am sleeping all day and probably trying to get rid of the cold I can feel creeping up on me.

Man I hope the snow holds off tomorrow do not want to sit in sludge all day I really don't!
Now I has to get my camera ready, eat, sort out the journey their and pack for tomorrow, gonna be awesssommeeee!


Paramore Mega Post

Posted on 2009.10.08 at 20:53
far from here: back room
feel so: coldcold
voice inside my head: Brick By Boring Brick- Paramore
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While I'm on the subject of Paramore, the Islington show (which was a month ago yesterday) was probably the best 48hours of my life. The camping outside HMV with Laura and Leanne from 11 on Sunday night went so quick and despite the lack of toilets the night was pretty painless. When Hannah and Antonia joined us in the queue there was more fangirling, and excitement, camera scraping and the like. The signing itself was rushed because the band was so late, but they were all so lovely and friendly. Taylor in particular I have a new love for, and Hayley said she liked the blue in my hair, which may have made my life just a little. Hannah and Antonia probably got the epicest pictures form the signing though.
Then rushing to Islington, getting into the VIP entrance with Laura which involved going through the stage door and walking through backstage was too cool, though it would have been nice to be in the pit, but we had an awesome view. Dougie from McFly was behind me too, that was cool. (I know NERD).
The bands performance was just something else; they played their hearts out, and it was just something so magical to see. They kept looking up at us in the balcony which was beyond cool too. Decode was epic live, and I don't think that word even covers it, in particular the bit when Antonia and Hannah are screaming 'HERREEEEE' to Laura and I up in the balcony and Josh looking to them, then us, and then back down to them again. Freaking awesome. We also got the Pressure flip, Let the Flames Begin intro and outro *dies*, and the most passionate Miracle outro I have ever heard. It was definately something I won't wittness again; definatly something I will be talking about in years to come.
Paramore are just one of the bands I love that I've actually got to properly see grow, and I love to see them getting the recognision they deserve, yet part of me couldn't help but be a little sad when they announced the Wembley show. That is huge,  and amazing for them, but they are no longer the little gem of a band that have yet to be discovered by the rest of the world, becaue they are being discovered by the rest of the world right now; they were in the Sun last week ffs! Islington, like Underworld will probably never happen again, and like my beloved My Chem, Paramore are gonna go on to be huge, but it's really gonna be something to wittness.


Cause I'm just that cool

Posted on 2009.09.04 at 18:26
feel so: ecstaticecstatic

made it


Posted on 2009.09.04 at 16:03
feel so: giddygiddy
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So yeah I just got a phonecall from paramoreLDN telling me I won two tickets to the Islington show.
I might have screamed a little and danced around scaring my brother and his friends but this is amazing I have never won anything before!

But yeah just so people know where those tickets went and such.
Off too dance a bit more now

blade you stain


Posted on 2009.05.28 at 19:19
far from here: my room
feel so: calmcalm
voice inside my head: Hide And Seek-Imogen Heap
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Matty says:

your not even geeky tho

When I caught myself, I had to stop myself I'm saying something that I should have never thought of you says:


That is the first and probably last time I will EVER be told that.
Revision has been an epic fail today, but there is now a mini-Way!XD
I can imagine she will be adorable!
And the New Moon pictures...Epicness. All round.

made it

Four Years Ago Today

Posted on 2009.04.09 at 20:45
far from here: my room
feel so: coldcold
voice inside my head: Don't Look Away- Joshua Radin
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Four Years since the first My Chem gig I ever went to today. A special anniversary.

I promise I will post pictures and video's from Sunday soon but right now I need to get rid of the headache I've had for the entire day.
I did watch Anastasia today, that was such a pretty movie I miss those old school animation films.

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